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Our Consultants

Find a list of our current sales consultants below as well as their regularly scheduled party days & times! Use the clickable links to directly go to their Facebook pages!

Pearl Chic - Savanna Shuckin' Pearls

Tuesday & Thursday 6pm CST

Pearl Chic – Iowa Pearl Twins

Sunday - Thursday 7pm CS

Pearl Chic – Kelsey’s Pearl Party

Tuesday 9pm CST, Saturday & Sunday 8pm CST

Pearl Chic – Cajun Girl Juliettes Pearls

Monday 8pm EST, Wednesday 6pm EST, Saturday 9pm EST

Pearl Chic - Aww Shucks Alaska with Nicky

Tuesday & Fri 6:15pm AKST, Sunday 5pm AKST

Pearl Chic - Rhonda

Sunday 5p MST, Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday 7pm MST

Pearl Chic - MN Mama Whit

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:30pm CST

Pearl Chic - Krystal's Shenanies & Shucks

Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 8pm EST

Pearl Chic- Talia’s Isle of Pearls

Sunday 3pm CST, Wednesday 7:45pm CST, Friday 7:45pm CST

Pearl Chic - Shuckin’ with Kendra

Party Days and Times available upon request

Pearl Chic- Skye's Sweet Shucks

Monday, Wednesday, Sunday 8pm EST

Pearl Chic - Destini's Desert Pearl Party

Monday & Wednesday 7pm MST, Tuesday & Thursday 10am MST, Friday 12a MST

Pearl Chic- Collette’s Country Corner Pearls

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 7:30pm EST

Pearl Chic - Girl With a Pearl

Monday, Wednesday & Sunday 8pm EST

Pearl Chic - Kerrie Shuckin’ Pearls

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 6pm MST

Pearl Chic - Makayla’s Southern Shuckin’

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 7pm CST

Pearl Chic- Kim's Pearl's

Monday, Friday, Saturday 7:30pm EST

Pearl Chic-Emerald City Pearls

Saturday 6pm PST, Sunday 12pm PST, Monday 4pm PST