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Mix & Match

$149.99 $59.99
A new addition to our line of exciting and fun games!
Mix & Match is a classic game of find the match!
Consultants will get 5 pairs matching cards(2 10's, 2 J's, 2 Q's, 2 K's, and 2 A's) and scramble them up placing them face down for the camera to see(without revealing the cards value). The player will then select 2 cards to reveal in search of a matching pair, if the player finds a match on the first try, they will win 8 live oyster openings. If the player finds a match on the second try, the prize is 6 oyster openings, and if the match is found on the third try then the reward will be 5 oyster openings. Should the player not uncover a match on any of these 3 tries the game will conclude with a prize of 4 live oyster openings and a $10 gift card code to redeem on a future purchase.