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High - Low

$49.99 $29.99
Our first ever, super fun, game opportunity! 

Each High - Low purchase will guarantee you 2 live oyster openings AND Up to 2 rounds of the super fun card game, High - Low!
Consultants will reveal a card live then the player will determine if they think the next card in the deck will be higher, lower, or equal to the currently revealed card. If you are correct, you win another live oyster opening as well as move on to the next round of High - Low! If you are correct on this round you will win yet ANOTHER live oyster opening! If the player guesses the next card will be equal to the current card, and they are correct, they will win a $10 gift card code on top of the oyster opening for guessing correctly!

This super fun game is only here for a limited time so let's play a few rounds and win big! 

*In our game of High - Low the Ace card will represent the number 1(one)